Test Out/Summary of needs quiz?

Hi all - I'm not sure how to create what I'd like to do (I'm new-ish to the products here, but we have both Storyline 2 and the older Studio products, so I can use either.)

What we'd like to do is have a pre-test that covers ALL of the topics we cover in our online, trainer-led courses and on-demand courses. (for example: Introduction to Window Treatments, Draperies, Hardware, Top Treatments, Shades, Bedding, Furniture, etc.)  We'd have a bank of questions for each topic to pull from.  At the end, we'd like a summary page of how the user scored, with recommendations on what the user needs to take to be considered knowledgeable in that subject. (i.e., Intro to WT - 85%, Draperies - 100%, Hardware - 65% - need to take X class, etc...)

We don't have an LMS system yet - I don't know if that makes is more or less difficult to do. 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Karen -- Thanks for reaching out here! Perhaps these posts may be helpful as they cover pre-testing as it sounds like you have described?

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Please let us know if that is not what you had in mind and we'll see what ore we can do to assist! :)