Text box re-sizing on drag and drop

I created a freeform drag and drop quiz. When I drop some of the text boxes onto the target, the boxes automatically resize far too big and they go off-centre. 

I created my own info markers on these text boxes as the built-in ones are too large. I think these are causing the problems when i drop the text boxes.

Please see the attached video. In particular, the 'job rotation' box resizes and becomes massive. There are also two other problem boxes, which go off-centre.

Please can someone advise a solution?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Nicola!

I've recreated a drag and drop interaction with text boxes and markers on my end, and didn't see the same result. Here's my test.

Since I didn't notice similarities on my end, I'd like to take a look at the file. Would you mind either attaching it to this discussion or sharing it using this private upload link? Either method, we'll make sure to report back with our findings!