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Brian Batt

Hi Louise,

I wasn't able to replicate the issue on my machine.  It sounds like your system may have the DPI set to 120.  Articulate applications are not currently supported using a large DPI setting. If you are using 120 DPI some symptoms are: 

- Elements of the application appear misplaced or distorted. 

- The Preview displays misplaced or distorted elements. 

- The published output is distorted or does not display correctly. 

- Annotations do not line up correctly when you publish or preview. 

- Logo does not display correctly. 

You can resolve this issue by following the steps outlined in the corresponding Knowledge Base article. 


If you continue to have issues, please let me know.

Louise H

Hi Brian,

Following on from the above, I'm still having the same problem (also in sequence drag and drop). I've checked my PC settings and it's set to 96DPI as per instructions. I've also tried changing the slide text from Verdana 10 to Arial 10 but no change. Have you any further ideas?



Justin Wilcox

As an FYI, here was Vira's reply if anyone else encounters this:

This issue appears to occur either when you are using the Verdana font, or when you have manually resized the text boxes on the Slide View mode.

I recreated your quiz using the default Articulate font, and the text appears as expected.

Louise H

Yes, I've been testing it further, it seems if you change the Slide Master text in Slide View, any drop-down text in later questions will then use that font, and the size of this font can't be adjusted. Articulate fits, Arial cuts off slightly, and it just doesn't like Verdana! So the only way I can find to work around it is to create the questions then go into each slide individually and change the question text to Verdana...

I have put in a feature request to have the drop-down text to be customisable - fingers crossed for the new Studio

Thanks for your help

Robin Fenner

Hi Louise

I am currently experiencing the same issue as this one you had back in June.  I am also working with Verdana.  But being a newbie to this, I am not quite clear how to follow your workaround.  Can you please provide a bit more detail about how you can still use Verdana font without the text cropping?


Louise H

Hi Robin,

The workaround I've used is to create the questions using Articulate font in the slide master, then apply Verdana afterwards:

When creating my first question, I go to Slide View > View tab > Slide Master. In the Fonts drop-down, ensure 'Articulate' is selected. This creates the questions and answers in the Articulate font which displays correctly in the drop-down menus:

Created my questions, then went back into each question's Slide View, CTRL+A to select all text and change to Verdana. The text in any drop-downs stays as Articulate.

Alternatively if you've got a large number of questions in the quiz, rather that going into each individual question you can go back into the Slide Master as above and change the font to 'Aspect' (Verdana/Verdana). This has the same result, but if you create any new questions afterwards with this master it uses Verdana and cuts off the letters... so if you know you're not going to be adding any further questions later on then this workaround works

If any of that is unclear please let me know!