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Nov 18, 2014


When I change the text color and position of the text in the feedback master slide, it doesn't change in the sub-slides (correct answer, wrong answer, etc.). Why is that?

The only things that follows is the style of the box, the font-size and the style of the submit button.

The same thing happens in the feedback layers, I must change everything by hand. -_-

Also is there another way to change the size of the feedback box instead than going in the view panel then feedback master, then look if it works, if it's still not the right size, going back to the view panel then feedback master and sooo on? I really do hope I just haven't found the right way to do it, cause it's really counterproductive. :(

And, one last thing, why do the font-size shrinks when I click into the text to modify it? It makes it difficult to adjust the ragged edge of the text.


Thank you!

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Geneviève Jacques

The font-size shrinking is now gone with the update. Yay.

But I have the same problem for the feedback box. So. I changed my first master slide. Some changes do transfer to the sub-master slides (outline of the box, color of the button). But the font color, the font-size and the position of the text boxes don't change. Do I have to change this by hand? :/


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Genevieve!

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that you got some resolution by utilizing the latest update as well.

Were you able to try this in a new file to see if you can replicate the issue?

I have seen some issues here and there where there was some unknown corruption causing issue.

If you are able to replicate, just send along the .story file for me to have a look.

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