There is no "Next/Previous" buttons in Quizmaker ?

Jun 23, 2014

It seems that in Articulate Studio 2009, a user could skip an already answered question.

For example, in Articulate Studio 2009, I made a module where I had quiz questions and at the final slide of the module, I had the final quiz (where it is REQUIRED to answer) and if the person failed that required quiz, he would be redirected (using branching) to the first slide of the module. The user could then skip (using the "Next" arrow button) through all the quizzes that he already answered and to go directly to the final quiz. And he could redo the final quiz. Logically, that final quiz was resetted so he could redo it. But it seems that I can`t do the exact same thing with Articulate Studio 2013.

All I want to know, with this forum thread, is to know how to get the "Next/Previous" button in the Quizmaker player. I know that Storyline had the option to add these buttons in the player, but is there a way to enable it in Articulate Studio 2013?



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Daniel Brigham

Hi, David: My guess is that Quizmaker 13 is a bit different. If you add a blank slide, you will automatically get prev and next buttons. I think I mostly understand what you are going for. Here's what you might try: break your groups of questions into different quizzes--especially important for those last few/critical questions to be their own quiz. For each quiz, allow the user to review the quiz. (In Question View, go to "Edit Result") That way when they are done with it, they can review or move on. If they fail the last quiz and are booted back, they will still be able to click through and get where they need to go. Maybe there's a simpler way, but that's where my mind goes first. Let me know if that helps. --Daniel

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