Timeline objects not appearing after Flash movie

Hi - I am using a blank slide to display a .swf file (with playbar) along with other objects. All objects appear as expected, until the Flash movie plays. I am keeping the movie on the slide the entire time, because I want the learner to have the option to replay the movie. However, any objects that I place on the timeline after the Flash movie (such as arrows and another audio clip) are not appearing. Any ideas? Thanks!

P.S. Now that I think about it, even if these objects can be displayed, perhaps it's not a good idea, in case the learner pauses or rewinds the video. The objects would still appear at the specific time on the timeline, right? That would mean objects could pop up before the video is over.

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Jennifer Bircher

Thanks, Brian. I actually need to leave the video on the entire slide, so that the learner has the option to replay. However, I figured out why the objects were not displaying. I had fast forwarded through the video, which does NOT fast forward through the timeline. When I let the video run its normal course, the objects appeared as expected. However, as I mentioned in my P.S. above, this obviously isn't a great design practice, because it doesn't account for learners manipulating the video. A good learning experience!!!