Tracking Results Without an LMS?

Hello everyone. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but a client of mine is looking for me to create an assessment quiz for them, but don't want to upload it to an LMS. (They don't have one.) 

I wonder if anyone has done anything to bypass an LMS, e.g. getting it to talk to a SQL server or some other database. 

Many thanks in advance for any help. 

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Edie Egwuonwu

Are the Quiz and completion functions in Storyline different from those in Quizmaker? Are the outputs different? I ask because as seen in the quoted thread there IS a way to go to a SQL database with Quizmaker. I've seen this work with other products, e.g. Captivate and can't imagine it NOT working for Storyline.

I, too, do not have an LMS to export to and there is no open to buy one at this juncture. I need some way to manually automate reporting (how's that for an oxymoron?!). We have dbas who can design, build and maintain a database so we can at least capture completions or scores. 

What are my options? Please don't say 'none'... I JUST convinced them to buy Storyline because I was sure it would meet our needs. :-(

David Anderson said:

Hi James - It is possible, but not really supported. But we do have a good thread--an older thread--that goes into some detail on tracking Quizmaker in databases.