Transparency in Selected Items in Pick Many Question

I am working in Quizmaker '13 and am trying to change the transparency (decrease) of the color that surrounds selected items in a Pick Many Question. I found the controls to change the color (under Design>Colors Tab) but find no control for the transparency. I want to make the selected items "pop".
Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance-

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Loralee.  Thanks for the screenshot.  There isn't a way to change the transparency of those selected state "glow" that is applied.  You can change the weight of the glow:

Naturally, the charts in your image are very busy, so the glow might not be as perceptible.  Is there another subtle color you could use for the slide background so that the white of the background isn't blending with the white of the charts?  I would also consider the spacing of the charts, if possible in your design.

Good luck with your project!

Loralee Page-Ortez

I made a few changes (dark blue for the glow (using the least transparent option) and changed the slide background to a light yellow* (to try to make the blue pop better), but there is still not much contrast in the rendered (packaged) version. It is hard to see what is selected.

Note that in the Preview the halos are easy to see, but once rendered ("packaged"), they are washed out.  Any thoughts?

*(I hesitate to use green or red as it is more likely someone will not be able to see due to color blindness)

Crystal Horn

Hi Loralee.  I see what you're saying.  Can you share a copy of your .quiz file with me so I can have a look at some settings?  Just attach it in your reply, or use this link if you need to keep it private.

You mention HTML5 in your screenshot - what browser is being used to view that output?


Loralee Page-Ortez

I responded to Alyssa's email yesterday. There was a delay as the links you sent me were blocked by our network. The "glow" under Edge using the file you sent me a link to is barely visible. 

Also, there are other issues with the linked experimental file that I described in the email back. (Only 1 of the pictures is shows a glow when I select it, and the picture that glows is NOT the one I selected. Selecting the cup causes the paddle occluder to glow). :(