Trouble with Retrying a Quiz

I have presentation that I'm trying to set up to have the learner retake a quiz if they failed to pass it the first time.  What I want to happen is that when a learner fails the quiz, for them to have to review the whole presentation again before retrying the quiz.  I am able to have them get to the beginning of the presentation and navigate through the presentation before retrying the quiz.  However, when they get to the quiz, they cannot retake it.  The quiz shows the results of there first try and does not allow the opportunity to retake it. BTW, this is after I have published it.  It wouldn't let me review it until I did.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I am under a time constraint and I have become very frustrated. I am attaching the presentation with the quiz in a zip file for your review if you need it.


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