Troubleshoot Quizmaker 13 Text Label Challenges (Help Needed)

Hello Community -

Please help me troubleshoot the following issue with Quizmaker 13 challenges with revisions to custom text.  The issues are some of the custom quiz feedback text changes reflect the revised feedback made to the Player Text under Custom Text and some of the question feedback does not change.  For example, I revised Text Label "CorrectResponse" to "Great Job! Your answer was correct" and under the "Set Feedback and Branching" review onscreen the answer is "That's right! You selected the correct response."  I followed instructions for "Quizmaker '13:  Changing the Player's Text Labels" and initially it appeared that revisions to feedback was working 100%, it now appears some revisions to question response update(change) and other feedback stay the same.  Question four (4) is a good example of response feedback that did not change with the Text Label "CorrectResponse."

Attached is a copy of the quiz so you will have greater insight about the challenges.  Thanks for your feedback.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Paulette -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles! So, if some of your changes are reflected and others are not, perhaps you might want to consider running through the troubleshooting steps listed here to see if you find improvement. If not, perhaps you might want to consider contacting our support engineers via this form for additional insights.