Two questions about Results Screen In Quizmaker.

Jul 13, 2011

Hi Guys,

I publish articulates to our Moodle LMS. i have two questions:

1 - Is there anyway of making the print button start the print automatically? At the moment the print button produces a new web page. Our clients find the process misleading as they expect the results document to print, the extra bit required by the user to get the print out (even Ctrl + P) seems to be hassle.

So, how can I get this to print automatically.

2 - How can I get the Finish button in the results screen to email the results? 

One client wants to reduce the amount of buttons at the results screen. (bizzare right!?!) Anyway, the 'finish' button takes the learner back to the moodle course page and the 'email results' button sends an email of the results back to client manager. However, is their away of getting one button to do both - the problem here being: if a learner clicks 'Finish' before they click 'Email Results', then no results are emailed out to their manager who will not want to spend the time going through moodle to find the results, and therefore end up not using the system which will look bad on our service.

Any suggestions that doesn't require further product perchase? Any heads up or solutions with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Rob  W

Hi Brian, thanks for the reply,

Thanks for the the first link, I'm not sure it would adress the issue. Please excuse this rather obvious explaination of your product but it might explain the issue better:

From the results screen in quizmaker, you need to hit 'print results' for a new webpage to be generated with a nice looking printable table of results. Then you need to Ctrl P or whatever. However, I would like the print results to automatically print the nice looking table without needing to get the new webpage and go from there.

The code within your link shows us that we can put a 'print this page' button into articulate yet we already have one, it just doesn't bring up the print dialog box. If I put this could into the results screen, surely learners would miss out on the nice looking table of results.

Where should I put the code so that a 'print this page' will appear in the webpage with the nice looking table?  

It seems like previous attempts to solve the second question were never fruitful so I'll assume to think of otherways around it.

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