Unable to publist Quizmaker

Hello everyone,

I have successfully published Presenter and individual interactions to Word. However when I open an individual Quizmaker project (file) to publish this to Word, the "Publish" icon on the row of icons does not appear.

The Pulish icon can be seen grayed out next to "Preview" when the file is opening, but when the quizmaker file opens fully, the "Publish" icon disappears.

I would appreciate some help on how to publish Quizmaker to Word.

Thank you.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Mark! Thanks so much for attaching that picture. It looks like when you opened your quiz, you opened it from within your Presenter project by clicking the "Edit in Quizmaker" button on your quiz placeholder slide. When you do that, you won't have any of the Publish options on the Quizmaker toolbar. But not to worry — in order to get all the usual publishing options, all you need to do is launch Quizmaker on its own (not from within Presenter) by using your Windows Start menu, and then open your .quiz file from your hard drive. Once you open the quiz file like that, you'll have the full selection of Publish options, and your toolbar will look like this: