Upgrade Studio 09 to Studio 13 - how much work is it?

Hi All,

I have a Studio 09 course of 6 modules, each with a 'run-time' of about 30 minutes. They all use Engage interactions and Quizzes throughout.

With a need to now support iPads, I need to convert/upgrade to either Studio 13 or Storyline.

If I plan to keep all the content unchanged as much as possible, how can I estimate how much work would be involved for an experienced Articulate developer under these two options?

If anyone has worked out a formula or some rules of thumb to come up with a time estimate I'd be very grateful if they could share them, also if you can recommend an organisation or developer to do this based on your experience of them

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Tony Mills

From bitter experience, converting Studio 09, or Quizmaker 09 to the 13 versions is full of little traps. The latest that has tripped us up is that the transitions default that you get in Quizmaker 13 is not "No Transitions", as it was in Studio 09, which we found out - after lots of investigation by Articulate - because it turned out that the default transition setting was causing very erratic behaviour, ie a crash of the Quiz when students selected an answer in a MCQ slide, in a few cases.

Tony Mills

OK........probably the most difficulty we had was in the Presenter Player in S13, which works totally differently, as far as we could see, from the S09 Player. A great deal of it seemed to us to be change for the sake of change, with few, if any, really tangible improvements. The same goes for the Player in Quizmaker 13, which we have yet to master. I think our problem was not realising for a while just how much the Player was changed.

In 09, we used silent files to force a minimum time for viewing a slide, with the time varying from slide to slide, when doing that was simpler than using animations, along with setting the navigation to “User can only view slides already seen” which (of course) also allowed the user to advance to the next slide. In earlier versions of S13, it seemed impossible to do either of those things, but more recently both can be done. Whether that’s because we just got it wrong at first, or it’s because later versions allowed it, only Articulate could say.

When publishing in S13, we have acted on advice from several experts to disable the option to “Use Articulate Mobile Player for IoS or Android”, which required users to download the app for that. They can still access the LMS in a browser, and for our users, who buy the courses and are automatically enrolled, they can launch the courses without the app.

In S13, the menu (outline) defaults to list each tab in an interaction and each question in a quiz separately. Changing this to “Show as single item” is easy, but a PITA.

Another PITA is going through each course slide by slide, tab by tab, and changing the word “Attachments” to “Resources”. (Change for the sake of change?) And we can’t understand why the Resources, previously Attachments, are now in the Player. A custom player can be created to use for all courses, but the Resources go with each course, and transfer from S09. So it’s not a problem, just a very odd way of doing it; one of the several mysteries of the S13 Player.

Most of our problems are probably our fault; we don’t spend enough time on authoring and amending courses to get really familiar with S13. But if this helps anyone, that’s good.

The latest version seems to work a lot better than the first!

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