Using Articulate Quizmaker and Storyline within a LMS

Hello --

We are currently using quizmaker quizzes and loading them in our LMS.  A score is passed and it's easy to see who passed the quiz and who didn't.

One of our stakeholder wants to see how each learner answers each question, so as far tell (from looking at the other discussion posts on this forum) this may not be an option when uploading a Articulate package into a LMS.

Please correct me if i'm wrong (I hope I'm wrong).

If I can't find some sort solution to this, I'm going to be forced to use the assessment functionality with our LMS, which frankly is awful (long story short).  Unfortunately our main stakeholder doesn't really care about that though.

Any advice will be much appreciated.  Also, is there some sort of new functionality within Storyline that will solve this issue for me?  If so, I'm actually willing to buy in on my own dime just to save me the headache of using our LMS to create assessments.

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RC -

OK I found this page..

So the questions and answers will be send to the LMS via SCORM - however it's on the LMS to catch all of the data.  Therefore, since none of the information I need is displayed in the LMS, it's looking like I'm not going to be able to do what I need to do within our LMS (unless I can get them to customize it).

Maybe there's a work around -- has anyone attempted to have the quiz results sent via email from a course that was loaded in a LMS? 


Peter Anderson

Hey Ryan!

Have you had a chance to check out Articulate Online? Sounds like it might be just what you're looking for, and you can try it free for 30 days

And although email is not intended as a robust tracking mechanism, Quizmaker does provide an option for emailing results. Upon completion of a quiz, the user can choose to email the results to a designated email address. The results are sent in raw text format in the body of an email (raw text is the most flexible and universal data format). The recipient can then copy and paste the comma-separated output from the email into a text file and open it via Excel. After importing into Excel, you can select a "Table" format to organize the data into columns for better analysis. 

However, due to web browser, Flash Player, and email security issues, this method may not always work as expected. We suggest that you thoroughly test this method in your environment to see if it meets your needs. For more information, please review this article.

RC -

Hi - Articulate online isn't an option for us right now -- too many resources have been allocated to our LMS to justify the additional expense (even though I would much rather use Articulate online).  I''ll attempt to try to send the email results within the LMS and let you know how it goes. 

If that doesn't work - I might be able to host these courses on our own web servers.  Considering I can do that - is there any other options other than emailing the quiz results (and using Articulate online)?


Peter Anderson
RC -

 I'll probably take the quiz to database route first, and if that doesn't work I'll try the email option.  Once I have an acceptable solution I'll report it back to this thread.  Thanks for your help Peter.

@ Jacinta -- We're currently using the Upside LMS, which is apparently the low cost provider in the LMS world.  I'm afraid it's a "you get what you paid for" type of situation.  We're still technically in beta right now and we're dealing with basic issues, such as having edit functionality on a discussion forum.  I'm hopeful that it will be ok in the end - but it's going to be a bumpy road.

Currently the only thing that our LMS picks up via SCORM is if the learner passed the quiz and what their score was. As far as seeing which questions they got right or wrong - that functionality isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Jacinta Penn

Here you go..

Reports for progress

Reports for usage

Standard built-in reports for exhaustive reporting

Graphical representation for detailed analysis

Extensive filters for multi-level reporting

Customized reports available

Supports multiple choice and multiple response type questions

Ability to set quiz with countdown timer

Ability to ‘resume’, ‘start a new attempt‘ or ‘cancel’ the

current quiz

Graphical representation of the quiz result

Detailed question by question report of learner’s attempt


RC -

Hi Jacinta --  I appreciate it that you searched the Internet on my account, but know that I would never considering building a database unless I absolutely had to.  The reports that they are referencing on their website relate to assessments that are created within the UL LMS - not an Articulate SCORM package.

Upon reading your thread however, I sent the UL help desk an email on that note just so I was 100%.  Here's the copied and pasted response ...

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"Hi Ryan,

No, currently there is no reporting LMS, which can detail you about the questions results in LMS.

 Basically this will be worked both ways, when the LMS will require question’s result data, it should be shared by the course. So if you require this report, it will cause customization at both the levels. Let us know if you require any further inputs from our side in this regards."

I'm not trying to badmouth UL - they are working hard to improve their current product. My concern is with time - it takes me twice as long to create a quiz in the UL LMS than it does in Articulate. If you're an Instructional Designer, then you'll understand that there are much bigger fish to fry that multiple choice tests. 

To anyone reading this thread - if you have a database that is already built and you're willing to share, let me know.  I have a budget and I'll be happy to throw down on this one.  Also, I think Articulate online is great - however it's overpriced.  Why not throw some of your loyal customers a bone and give them 12 months of free access if they buy Storyline?  I think that's a great idea.  Cheers!

Jacinta Penn

What a shame Ryan, sorry I couldn't help then.  I use Litmos mostly and I can just click on the user and see their question answers, which have come through the SCORM report, no customisation needed; thus why I thought this is what they meant.  I can't do a report and see all of them at once, but they have assured me that is coming.

But I guess at least you know the info does come from Articulate's end, so once UL catch up their end, or you find a database, you'll be all good.