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I am trying to create a Matching drop down question, which has 6 choices and it two possible matches for each of the choices, which in the case is Benefit and Higlight. I add the choices  and for each of the choices I add the correct match. When I preview the question and click on the drop down option it shows me all the matches rather than just two options per choice, which would in this case be is it a benefit or is it a highlight.

I have also tried to use another question type and followed one of the tutorials, but will let success.



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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Martin,

Currently the matching drop-down question type requires a unique match for each choice, so unfortunately it's not possible to do  "one-to-many" matching. One approach would be to create separate questions (one for each item that you want learners to identify as a benefit or highlight). If that feels like too many slides and too much clicking, another workaround is to perhaps use a multiple response question and rearrange the checkboxes into 2 categories, like in this example:

The only hitch to that approach, though, is that you're limited to 10 choices. (You mentioned you had six items to categorize, which would mean you'd need to display 12 choices - in that case, you could maybe split the activity across 2 question slides.)