Using multiple Quizmaker instances in one course


I am using Articulate Studio with Presenter and Quizmaker to create a course. I would like to use multiple instances of Quizmaker within my course, but I have had issues with that before. Can you tell me if it is possible to create a course with the following flow?

  1. Intro slide - PPT
  2. Content slide - PPT
  3. Hotspot activity - Quizmaker instance 1
  4. Content slide - PPT
  5. Hotspot activity - Quizmaker instance 2
  6. etc - content, activity, content, activity

Thank you for your help,


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Kathie Colonnese

Thank you, Leslie!

The course wouldn't publish. I'm guessing that I did not configure it correctly to suppress reporting the results? Can you direct me to where I would make that designation? I can still select the hotspot format, yes? That question format is designated as a graded question.