Using quizzes with no questions

I am fairly new to Articulate, so I may be trying to do something I shouldn't be, but thought I would ask...

I want to use Quizmaker to play a video with no quiz question after it.  The reason I am using Quizmaker rather than Engage is because I want to use the 'slide view' to be able to paste in a graphic backdrop to the video.

Is there a way of using Quizmaker without having a need for a quiz question?


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Ron Price


Sure.  Just use the Blank Slides in QM.  It is helpful to create a custom QM Player template, so you can turn off a lot of the display options, like numbering, display time and timer. etc.  You will also want to go to your results slides for Pass and Fail and say do not display.

In QM, you can have multiple videos per slide, which is also a cool feature.