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Nov 09, 2013

I cannot make changes to my slide master and layouts apply to my slides.

For example I set the text in a particular layout as white on a blue background, and I set the font size to 12.  I close slide master view.  But the slides in the quiz still have the old  settings.  I right click them, to make sure they have the relevant layout, and that seems fine, but in fact the settings have not updated.

I have wasted hours trying to make this work.  It would have been so much quicker just to correct each slide one by one.  I must have read the instructions five times but I cannot see what I am doing wrong.

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Bernard George

I loaded the Studio 13 update 1 yesterday.  It made things worse.  Now when I open quizmaker it tells me I have 30 days left on my trial, despite having previously paid for a licence and entered my code some time ago.  Can you tell me what I have to do to fix that ?

Slide master still does not work either.  Although some aspects of the layout do affect the slide, but things like the font colour, line colour and font size do not.

Bernard George

OK done that.  Thanks.

By the way, the problem I have with Slide Master might be linked to a problem with Quick Styles.  Many Quick Styles are supposed to give you white script.  Actually I find the script is always black.  For example Quick Style Column 1, Row 2 or 3 give me black text on a black background, which is obviously no good to anyone.  I have to change it manually, slide by slide.  This defeats the point of having quick styles.

Is there a way to fix this?  Might it explain why I cannot change the script colour using Slide Master?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Michele,

You can enable the software to check automatically for updates, if you'd like. To do so, click on the "Articulate" menu, followed by "Quizmaker Options" and enable the option to "Check for updates on startup".

I would also recommend following us on the following sites:

We usually announce any new updates on the forums and the sites I listed above.

Also, if you're still having trouble with using the slide master, please let us know.


Kendra Kernen

I'm having the same issues as Bernard regarding the Slide Master font changes not applying to the slides themselves. I have Quizmaker '13 Update 4. I've tried the same things Bernard mentioned previously to no avail. I've tried applying the Layout to individual slides and to groups and it just won't pick up the font/size changes I made on the Slide Master. I have 288 slides so far and no time to do each one individually. If there is a more current (than 12 months ago) thread about this, can someone please point me in the right direction?

Kendra Kernen

The documentation doesn't help me much because I did not create the original file. I'm trying to fix an existing quiz that was set up incorrectly. There are 300+ multiple-choice questions and they all should look the same. I deleted all extraneous master slides, leaving only the parent master and a question layout master, both which have two placeholders formatted exactly the same on each. Yesterday, after much trial-and-error, this seemed to be working. Today, the slides are not picking up the formatting. I'm using (or trying to use!) Franklin Gothic Book 14 pt. for the Question; Franklin Gothic Book 11 pt. for the Answers. When I see them in Slide View, the Question is formatted as Articulate 16 pt.; furthermore, the placeholder box doesn't adjust to fit the amount of text, so the lengthier Questions shrink down to what looks like 8 pt. This is extremely frustrating; we've had to temporarily pull three tests from our education site because this is so messed up. I'm not allowed to share the .quiz file--sorry. I could send a couple of screen shots if that would help.

Kendra Kernen

I ended up importing all the questions into a brand new, from-scratch quiz. It looks fine now. I’m all for a quick workaround and solution to a vexing problem, but I also like to know what was causing the problem in the first place. Is this a Quizmaker bug? Does it have something to do with fonts I have installed on my computer? Could it be because the files were initially housed on a server instead of my hard drive? (I’ve since copied all the working files to my hard drive; it still didn't look correct, but it may have been a holdover.) Any ideas about what caused this issue?

 Also, I want to add that you can import groups of questions from another quiz with groups. When I created a new quiz to import my questions into, I also created groups with the same names in the quiz from which I was importing questions. On the Questions tab, I selected the group name before clicking Import Questions, then checked the Include All box just for the group I wanted to import. Lather, rinse, repeat until all the groups are imported. 

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