Using Sounds as Answers

Sep 19, 2014

I am using the Articulate Suite 13 and Quizmaker specifically. Is there a way to create a multiple choice (pick one) question where the possible answers are sound files (wav) connected to an image (such as a phone handset)?

I am working on a telephone techniques WBT and want to create a knowledge check where the course presents a scenario where the customer calls on the phone,the leanerlistensto four possible response options, and then chooses the best one, I can write out the text, but I prefer to play an actual recording so the learner can also hear the tone of voice. After listening to all four potential responses, they pick what they believe is the best one,

I have spent all afternoon trying to figure out how to have the learner click on each image and then that playsa differentwav file. From there, they select the image that represents the best choice. That ismade before the SUBMIT button. Of course, they would need to be able to click the same image several times and each time hear the recording,

If anyone knows how to do this, I would be grateful. I can't seem to find any help or instructions..


Dennis D Kneper

PA Dept of Transportation

Harrisburg, PA

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