Using Templates in Quiz Maker

Feb 28, 2018

Hi there - I'd like to use a template for different types of quiz questions but no matter what template I use it always comes up as a multiple choice question.  How do I change the question type to True/false or any other type besides multiple choice?    

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to ELH, Lewis ⭐️

Great question! What you see is correct – these templates were built for general set up, so that you could modify them to create a different question type. We have some more templates available in the Survey and Freeform Questions.

I can see the use case for having additional templates in Quizmaker, though – so I’m going to relay your thread to our product team for review. We appreciate you posing your question here, as we continue to make Quizmaker 360 and the Content Library even better!

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