Using the Excel Import Template

We started asking all SMEs to provide questions through the Excel Template.

Which is great.


But.. when I have a multiple choice question with detailed feedbacks - I get an error that it can't be imported with each choice having a separate feedback.

How do I define it to work that way?

Or even how do I define that I can have the feedbacks imported with the questions? (so far used it for quizzes that had no feedbacks, now I have ~20 compliance quizzes all with detailed feedbacks...)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Efrat!

As you can see in this tutorial, choice level feedback is only available for some question types, such as Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Pick One, Which Word, Freeform Pick One, and Freeform Hotspot.

So, your multiple choice question should allow this when you import.

Do you have a sample question that you could share so that we could take a look? You are welcome to share your spreadsheet.

Efrat Maor

I was trying to use it for Multiple choice - but got an error saying it can't be done of an option level (just question level probably).
So first, I don't get it why an option level can't be done on the Excel if it can be done in QM.
Second, how do I define even a question level? Just the 1st wrong and the right one?
Where should it go so I won't get an error?


Leslie McKerchie

It should work, even the example provided in our documentation here uses a MC question type. I am attaching for you.

The question level cannot be defined on import and will default to the basic feedback in the quiz.

If you use the same model in this example, it should work.

Please note that replying via e-mail attaches your signature. You are welcome to pop in and edit and again, if we need to take a look, feel free to share.

Efrat Maor

Thank you!
(and just clicked send and understood I should have deleted the signature.. but it didn't appear here, yet. Thanks)


So I should have my QM template defined as option level feedback.
And then import.

And if I want to have 1 incorrect and 1 correct - where on the Excel should I enter the incorrect feedback?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ludovic,

It's not added to our excel import yet, and as you can see, this discussion is a bit older, but not a popular request it seems.   Here's a bit more about how we work to prioritize feature requests. And, you're always welcome and encouraged to submit a feature request to our team using that form.

Benjamin Walsh

Hey guys, are there any updates on this? I import a lot of questions using a spreadsheet, and, while "choice level" works, it would be nice to have the question level option.

I agree with Ludovic, I think it could be as simple as having a column Question_Level with a TRUE/FALSE parameter, followed by a Question_Level_Feedback column which accepts text input, but maybe it's a lot more complicated than that?

I'll attach an example of how Litmos SAP does it. They are an LMS so, of course, it's a little bit different, but they only allow question level feedback (as opposed to choice level feedback), and have you surround the text with HTML tags. 

Vincent Scoma

Hi Benjamin,

We haven’t added this to our excel import yet. While this isn't on our immediate roadmap, we appreciate you reaching out and letting us know this is important to you. If you'd like to see this type of change, I'd love to have you share these thoughts with our team as a feature request!