Variables, Teams and Fill in the Blank Questions in Quizmaker

Does Quizmaker support variables? I haven't found a way yet but may be overlooking this feature. I'm trying to create a quiz (for elementary age students) where they can type their name and then include the name in subsequent questions.

I'd also like to use a team approach but don't see a way to do that in Quizmaker (that is, have two or more students compete against each other in a quiz with scores for each at the end).

And while I'm dumping questions, with Fill in the Blank questions, is there a way to have the cursor/insertion point automatically in the text box? In the quizzes I've created, the student must click in the text box before typing or the keyboard characters go off into the ether. 

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Brian Batt

Hi Jonathan,

Quizmaker doesn't currently support dynamic variables, a competition mode, or automatically moving focus to the text box.  If you'd like to see those feature implemented into a future release, please submit a feature request to us by using the link below: