Videos stopping and starting (low broadband speed)

Hi all

I'm in New Zealand, and some of our small towns have very low broadband speed.  Clients there are reporting video is stopping and starting, audio too - but they did admit they have very low broadband speed. People using mobile broadband have reported the same problem.

Anyone come across a solution for this?  I wondered if there is a way the whole thing can load up before playing...

Thanks in advance for your input.

Jacinta Penn

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Melanie Sobie

How long are your videos? I like to keep mine under 3 minutes. Even shorter is better. Split them up and spread them out among different parts of your training module.

The bulk video preloader widget that eLearning enhanced sells helps a lot. Its only $50.

Jacinta Penn

I made the files smaller and increased the frame rate to 30fps as advised on the website, but that made it choppier.  I have now added the preloader, and that seems to be helping.

just for interest though, or in case the preloader doesn't solve it, can anyone think why increasing the frame rate to the one recommended by Articulate would make it worse not better?

btw this is running on a citrix network.

Cameron Gay

Hi Jacinta,

I am also New Zealand and have had similar problems with establishing eLearning across our store network in the country



Many of our stores have a connection speed of 256 KBS which is currently being upgraded to 5

12 KBS so I'm in the process of developing a stress test to see whether or not we can deploy videos as part of the eLearning strategy that we are adopting.

So thanks to you for asking the questions into the others for answering them, it's given me a good pointer on how to identify problem areas.

Kind regards,