Viewing contents on a feedback form

I created a feedback form  using quizmaker (Graded Questions) for a training which was held recently, allowing users to key in inputs or their comments.

Rated each question with Likert scale. Report generates the people who have passed or failed (complete/incomplete)

How do I see the feedback contents which they typed as text??

Appreciate your help.

Sajid Rasheed

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Elizabeth-Jamey Rand

Hi Charles - 

My course is broken up into 17 chapters and after each chapter is a set of quizzes, on the quiz results slide, I'd like to have a feedback button, that would take the user to a feedback form (something I could create in Articulate Storyline), that could have a rating system (1-5) and a section where they could leave a comment, that I would be able to read.

Is there anyway to create this in Articulate Storyline that isn't too difficult?

Charles Zoffuto

It shouldn't be a problem at all. Create the survey and make a button that links to the survey on the results slide. Now whether you will get the results you are looking for is a much more complex question. First, when you say your is 17 chapters, is that as one published set of files or is it as 17 separate published sets of files?