Viewing other participants responses in Quizmaker

I'm wondering if Quizmaker is capable of creating a quiz with interactive feedback regarding how others have answered the same questions?  I'm including a screenshot of what I'm referring to for reference.  Basically I'm looking to create a quiz that would live in the LMS, however I want participants to be able to see how their colleagues have answered the same questions.



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Katie -- Thanks for your question! May I ask if you have inquired with your LMS directly to see if they can recommend a way to chart or graph all participant responses? And would you be able to share the name of the LMS you use in case others in the community utilize the same service and can offer some insight? 

You may also want to see somewhat similar discussions (even though they are for Storyline instead of Quizmakerhere and here for some additional info. :)