Visual Impairment

Apr 15, 2013


I have been putting together some Articulate presentations which include Quizzes. We have some visually impaired staff members who will also need to access the presentations.

We have added voice recordings to the presentations but so far not to the quizzes. I wondered if there is any way we could be the following:

a) Change the font size for the questions/answers within the quizzes (i know this can be done within Engage but I dont seem to be able to do this in Quizmaker)

b) If so, i could add A. B. etc at the start of each answer. Would it be possible to have the A. B. etc in a different font to the rest of the response?

Any other suggestions would be helpful

Thank you

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Tiffany Mattick

Hi Tracey, 

I would suggest creating your questions in Slide View.  Slide View lets you adjust things like font, font size, and placement of text and media.  I did a quick try this morning and you can add the A., B. in front of the answers and make it a different font and different font size.  Slide view is really where it's at when it comes to creating questions from a visual standpoint in Quizmaker.  I hope that helps.


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