Where are the downloadable PDF How-To guides

Oct 21, 2019

I am over pointing and clicking trying to find my way around these tutorials all online. It's overwhelming and i get lost easily or rabbit trail down something I wasn't looking for in the first place, thus wasting my time. 

I need a PDF, "downloadable", How-To Guide for both Articulate Quizmaker and Articulate Engage.  I'm high-tech but old school.  I need to print it out and touch it, highlight it, make notes on it.  That's the way I learn.  It's a shame that you have to download every single webpage, format it and make your own book practically. 

Can this get corrected?  It doesn't help me use the full functionality of the 360 suite without a good how-to guide that I can download.  You should always offer different avenues for different types of learners.  Thanks. Hope to see a downloadable user guide soon.  

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Jesi!

I love your enthusiasm for this feature, and appreciate the valuable context you shared. Thanks for sending in an official Feature Request for this, too!

While we don't have the Articulate 360 tutorials available in PDF format this time, I'll share your insight with the right team. If this gets added in the future, this discussion will be the first to know. Here's an inside look at how we prioritize feature requests!

In the meantime, a few thoughts!

  • (This may not be ideal, but) Could selecting Print on the specific tutorial and then Saving as a PDF work?
  • Check out this series of video tutorials, which is an excellent complement to the written user guides. 
  • Have you had a chance to attend an Articulate 360 Training webinar? The upcoming 'Overview of Articulate 360' one will take you through a high-level review of all the tools and resources included with your subscription–including Studio 360! You can register and view the webinar schedule here
Jesi Watts

Well I've tried that...I really want a How-To guide with a table of contents.  PDF is ideal in case I want to view the video tutorial I can just click the hyperlink.

I don't prefer video tutorials.  They are sometimes lengthy and take up more time than if I read the steps myself.  I usually only use videos as a last resort since they tend to be a time waster, especially if they don't really address the issue I am having at that moment.  I prefer reading with a step by step process and screenshots. 

Jesi Watts

Thank you!

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