Where oh where can my default feedback text be?

Why do designers take an intuitive, easy to use product like Quizmaker '09 and redesign it into a hideous monster like Quizmaker '13?  I've used '09 for years - happily - and now that I convinced our folks to upgrade to Studio '13, I'm regretting it.

Someone please, please tell me where to find the default text for feedback.  Example, it used to be right on the home screen menus under Quiz Properties.  Now where is it?  I'm tired of playing "Where's Waldo" looking for it.


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Chris Janzen

That's for the player's text labels. How do I change the actual content in the Correct Response slide for all slides? Right now, the content says, "That's right! You selected the correct response."

I would like it to just say, "You selected the correct response."

I'd also like to use a variable, if that's possible, to have the content on the Incorrect feedback slide read, "Please review the <%Question Group Name%> section of the course."

Any way to do these two things?


Crystal Horn

Hey there Chris!  Check out this article on working with Feedback Masters in the Quizmaker '13 User Guide.  You should be able to edit your feedback text there!

As for pulling in the course information (slide titles, question groups, etc) via a variable reference, it is practical idea but not currently a native feature.  Would you be able to share your voice with a feature request?  Thanks for reaching out!

Chris Janzen

Thanks Crystal. I actually came across that article, and thought that I'd found the answer I needed, but even after I try to enter content into the Correct Response slide master layout, it still contains the full text (e.g., "That's right! You selected the correct response."), and not what I entered in.

What I did, based on the article, was:

  1. Opened Quizmaker from PowerPoint
  2. Clicked the View menu tab
  3. Clicked the Slide Master View menu item
  4. Clicked the Feedback Master menu item
  5. Clicked on the Correct Feedback Layout slide
  6. In the textbox that contains the content Click to edit Feedback text styles I typed in the content I wanted for the correct response feedback message:
  7. Clicked the Close Master View menu item

However, when I added a new slide in Quizmaker and looked at the Form view, the default content, referenced in the first paragraph, was still there.

Can you help me with what I'm not understanding?

As for submitting a feature request, I will certainly try to do that.


Crystal Horn

Sorry for the confusion, there, Chris.  I gave you instructions on editing the style of your feedback layers.  You can edit the actual text in the Form view by clicking on "More..." in the Feedback panel.  It will open a window which allows you to customize the feedback message.  This article will probably be more helpful for you in this case, Choosing Feedback and Branching options.  If you have your questions built out already, you'll have to edit the feedback for those individually.