Why is one file so much bigger than another?

I have 2 .quiz files I use as templates for quizzes (1 for practices, 1 for assessments). The practice .quiz file contains a title slide, a multiple-choice/single-response slide, and a multiple-choice/multiple-response slide. The assessment .quiz file contains only a title slide. Both have the same master graphics. Yet the assessment file is more than 12 MB, while the practice file is less than 1 MB (as shown in attached PNG).

What's going on? Is there any way to decrease that ridiculously large file size?

Note: I encountered a similar problem with PageMaker years ago. Found out that, even though I deleted large graphics, the file somehow retained the size it was when they were still there. The fix was to do a Save As using the same name (i.e., to replace the file with itself). I tried that with my Quizmaker file, but it didn't change the file size.

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Judy Nollet

Peter: Are you serious?!

FYI: I've used the assessment set-up file to create 2 assessments, each with multiple questions imported from practice files. Those assessments are even larger than the set-up file. So, no, importing more content does NOT shrink the file size.

If anyone knows how to solve this problem, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Judy Nollet

Peter: I just tried -- twice -- to send the files. The page showed that both files were uploaded 100%. However, the button kept processing, and, eventually, I got a message saying the submission didn't go through and that I should try again. That might happen later today, but for now, I've got to get back to work.

Peter Anderson

Hi Judy, 

Sorry for the trouble you're having submitting the file. I just tested with a very large file in Chrome and had no problem uploading the file and receiving a case number. Which browser are you trying with? Have you tried with any others? Perhaps a corporate firewall is preventing the upload from going through?

Peter Anderson

OK, are you able to upload the file to a Dropbox account, or a corporate FTP account and share the link with us? You could include the link in the "description" portion of our Case Submission form. Or, if you're not able to open a ticket in general, with or without an uploaded file, you're welcome to message me a link and I can create the case for you...

Judy Nollet

Peter: There's no corporate link I can share with you, and I'm not going to set up a Dropbox account just to submit this file. If Articulate wants to correct the bugs in their software, the first thing they should do is check their website so the uploading function works with IE, since that is a standard browser, especially for corporate sites.

By the way, I just tried again to upload the files, and got the same error message telling me to try again later. I'm done trying. I did, however, re-create my Assessment file from scratch--and it's now a mere 326 KB (i.e., 12 MB smaller than the problem file).

Justin Wilcox

Hi Judy.

I have tested our file upload forms and am unable to duplicate your issue. You might want to contact your IT folks about that or have them provide you with an alternative means to send us your files. That being said, typically the QUIZ file would retain its size with previous content until you publish the quiz and save it. I just tested this myself with a 48 mb quiz file where I removed multimedia elements and/or questions and that reduced the file to 920 kb after publishing, saving and exiting.

Judy Nollet

Alas, Justin, the fix that worked for you did not work for me. I published the Assessment (something I almost never do to a Quizmaker file directly, since they're generally embedded in a course), saved, and exited. The file is still >12 MB. Note that publishing a course with the file embedded didn't work, either.

As I mentioned above, I've already moved on by re-creating the file from scratch.