Why isn't my quiz displaying feedback?

Hi gang,

When I preview or publish my quiz, I no longer see feedback. The only feedback is the Pass or Fail result.

I've selected Feedback > By question. I even tried rebuilding the quiz

Mysterious, works fine with the other modules but for some reason wont appear in other one, any idea ? Is this a glitch ?

Thanks for you help !

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Amy - This thread is pretty dated and I'm not sure that Frodo would still be subscribed here. If you've set up your quiz as a Submit All, then you would not get feedback per question because they would not be submitted until you're ready. You could still review the questions if you wanted, but if you're looking for feedback on each question, you will need to have them set up with a submit button on each slide. If you could share a bit of what you are trying to accomplish, perhaps we could better assist.

Amy Schammert

Thanks for your response.  

I have always included feedback as part of our assessments.  Usually it's one or two sentences as a reiteration of information for those who got it correct but more importantly as an explanation of information to ensure those who missed the question had the chance for correction, especially when we generally do not require 100% passing for quizzes. This has been a standard part of all instructional design projects I've been a part of for years so was surprised to discover it did not appear this could be easily done in Quizmaker.

From the way these quizzes are structured (in the submit all format), students can review the quiz at the end and see what was correct and incorrect  What I'd like is for the one or two sentences of explanation to be able to be added to these review slides so they can see what they missed. 

If there's a way to add this I would sure appreciate guidance. We're getting ready to convert all our quizzes in our orientation program to move them from one LMS to another.  Is there at least a work around?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Amy - Thanks for that explanation, that helps a bit and perhaps there is a functionality that will work well for you :)

You have the ability to add some information in the post-quiz review as shown above.

You can set this up per question in form view via the post-quiz review feedback at the bottom of the page. 

This is also dependent on your Results Slide allowing users to review:

Attaching a sample file if helpful as well :) Hope that helps.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mary Jo, 

I can see that you’re still struggling with the incorrect layer not displaying since you reached out here and in this other discussion.

Can you take a look at the example Wendy shared in the other discussion, and let us know if that works for you.

We can keep the conversation going over there!