Windows 8 and QM 09 ?

Is it safe to say that the Articulate technicians/engineers have been using Windows 8 Preview to see how the Ariticulate applications will work with it? 

Will Windows 8 users need to do anything other than installing the Articulate software?  Will the Flash player already by loaded on the Windows 8 machines?  Do you see any issuses with Articulate QM09 and the Windows 8 IE 10 browser?

Any info on this upcoming Windows OS and Articulate products would be appreciated.

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes Graham! 

Are you able to see the user's activity through any of the reports? If their information is showing in score results, but not in activity, it may be due to the security permissions.

In order for results to be recorded in the "Activity" reports, a user must log into Articulate Online with their email address and password.  To ensure that results get recorded in the "Activity" reports, you will need to set the security permissions on the content item to Private and grant the appropriate users access to the course.  Here's how.

Let us know if this helps!

Graham Livengood

Thank you, Christine!

Unfortunately, none of those solutions have remedied the problem. All other users are displaying activity, score results, and progress but none of my Win 8 users.

I'm working on getting screenshots from users proving they actually completed modules to go from there.

Thanks for your help!