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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Richard, currently in Quizmaker '09 there isn't a way to break apart the possible choices in a word bank question... that would make a good feature request. However, here are a couple options that might help.

If you switch to Slide View of your question editor and play around a little bit with the placement and bounding box of the question itself, you could probably fit all 10 answer choices onto the slide so that the scrollbar isn't necessary. In the example below, that's what I did. It was a tight squeeze, but it worked. 

Another option would be to use a multiple choice question instead, since that gives you a lot more control over the placement of the answer choices, if you switch to Slide View and start rearranging things. Below is an example. (By the way, if you want to try this approach and you already have your question set up as a word bank, you can quickly switch it to a multiple choice question by going to your question list in Quizmaker, right-clicking the question, and choose Convert To Multiple Choice. Hope that helps!

Richard Jones

Hi Jeanette,

Thanks for that - I tried both ways. The multiple choice way looks better but the reason I prefer the Word Bank version is that the students have to work a little and so invariably try more to get the answer correct in word bank rather than multi-choice.

I'll have to do a feature request.

Thanks again.