Word wrap in Quizmaker09 survey question response box not working

Oct 10, 2013


I have a 5 question, 256 character short answer survey test that I want users to e-mail to me.

Despite setting the properties of the response text boxes for each slide  to "wrap text in shape", the input response does not word wrap. I have the same result in preview and when publishing. I have also tried previewing an "essay" survey question as well, with the same result. No word wrapping.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

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Steve McAneney

Thanks for the response Ashley. If I build an essay quiz from scratch it word wraps fine, but the 256 character one won't. I have unfortunately discovered our LMS is incapable of reporting survey responses, so I won't be using quizmaker for this task after all. I've decided to try Surveymonkey instead. Bummer, I love Articulate....Feel like I'me turning my back on it...

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