Writing to LMS - Completed

Hi guys,

We have an articulate course in an LMS (Halogen) that is sometimes registering with the LMS as completed when the learner achieves 100% pass and sometimes registers to the LMS as still  'enrolled' (not complete) when the learner has infact achieved 100%.

Course output:  2004 2nd Ed. (alignes with LMS)

Reporting Pairs: Passed/Incomplete

All users have Windows 7

Office 2010

Java 32 bit

Quiz Properties

"When user passes - goes to next slide" (we have a performance evaluation component that needs to be printed)

We have the Exit active in the player template.

I have loaded the course to SCORM Cloud:

I get a Parsing Warning: 

  • The Sequencing Control Mode 'Flow' was detected on a leaf node, but is only applicable to cluster nodes.

Debug log:


Do you have any insights?

I ran the debugger and have attached the file.

Thank you so much!

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