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Alicia Serrioz

Right but aside from having a copy of every single question with every possible number of eggs, is there a way to track the number of wrong answers so it knows how many eggs to show?

Is there an 'easy-ish' Articulate work around for what I would otherwise use programming to do in Flash or Captivate?

sharon jones


For every question there would be one wrong answer and on the results page, the student's score of number of right out of the number of questions or the percentage.  I'm not at my desk and I don't have Quizmaker in front of me.  I could be wrong on this but I don't think that you can track the number of wrong answers.  Hopefully one of the gurus can answer that question and your "easy-ish" Articulate work around.

Another suggestion is that you could do this in Flash and import the file into Articulate, if the score is not going to be recorded.

Alicia Serrioz

So I figured it out. It was "easy" once I had the flowchart down on paper.

I only send them to a special feedback screen if they get the answer wrong and this screen explains the answer. I've included the .quiz file as well as the flowchart so you can see how it's setup.