Wrong feedback bug in QM 13

We have this recurring bug (was rare, but happens - in this case it appeared 2 in about 6 tests).
Answers are getting the wrong feedback.

In the past neither Articulate nor us were able to replicate this - but it still happens and we still get complaints about it - that might force us to use another tool - if we caanot count on QM to provide an accurate feedback. 

Have any of you encountered such a bug?
I'm afraid this might much more prevalant that we know - since the learners either do not know for sure what the right answer is. Nor do they always take a screnshot - and we just guess they remembered incorrectly what they chose. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Efrat!  I'm sorry that this issue is still plaguing you.  It must be frustrating that neither you nor our support staff were able to reproduce this behavior.  I found your case, 559138, with Rowie.  You can reply back to his last email, and he'll be happy to continue to work on this with you!  If you can narrow anything down, such as the browser that your learners are using, or sending the LMS report from their attempt, that'll help us to diagnose what's going on.

Thanks for reaching back out to us!

Efrat Maor

This is a new quiz I created last week. 
We keep getting these issues, in new quizzes we create. 
It is not an old case, but a totally new one. 

I am sure it happens to others as well - they are just not aware of it - since they don't get screenshots, define no feedbacks per question etc.  

I am sure that we experience this much more frequent than we have proof on. 

We're really disappointed by the lack of tool realiability. 
Have a customer seeing such a bug twice within 6 tests is unbelieable.

Crystal Horn

I see, and I can understand your disappointment.  We'd love to try to help figure out what is going on.  If you'd like to open a new case, we can help with that.  You are welcome to open a new case and work with our engineers; it looks like the last case with Rowie was a priority support case for the Platinum Membership Plan.  You can use the link in the email that we sent you to go directly to the priority support page to continue to take advantage of this perk.

Some helpful information to include:  What browser is your customer using?  Are you using an LMS to distribute your course?  If so, you can attach the LMS reporting as well for us to see how Quizmaker is communicating answer data.  Is there any difference if you repair Quizmaker '13 and republish your quiz?

No "proof" of issues is ever required -- but the the more information we can get, the better likely we are to get to the bottom of it!  Thanks again.