Wrong title displayed on window


I have a presentation that is just a single quiz (it's just an "I agree" policy kind of thing) and every year it gets updated.  I've noticed that when it launches in the LMS the window says 2010 still even though the module has been updated.  The vendor for the LMS says this is pulled from the data sent by us, but under Quiz Properties > Quiz Info, the Quiz Title setting is correct.  I don't see anywhere else that this would be coming from, and have never noticed an issue with other courses which are published through PowerPoint since they are larger and contain multiple interactions.

Any ideas?

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David Celaya

When stuff like this happens, I always think that something still has the old name somewhere, or because the files that are being uploaded are probably the same name, ("TheQuiz.ppt", "TheQuiz.zip") that the files are caching somewhere in the LMS. Rename the files and the uploaded zip file and see if it updates?