1080p resolution not possible?

I need to publish videos at 1080p resolution - our media streaming service will then downgrade if needed. We've found that videos at 720p, which seems to be the default resolutions for both Replay and Blink, look slightly fuzzy/distorted when put in fullscreen mode, since most users nowadays are on hidpi displays.

Is it possible to record and publish at 1080p using Replay or Blink?

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Mark Siegrist

Thanks, but unfortunately that doesn't really work well from a practical standpoint. When resizing the recording area via the handles, it doesn't show the size until you release the handles. So it becomes a guessing game and almost impossible to get it exact. I searched the forum for more about this as I'm shocked it's not a more common question and the consensus answers are to just use a different tool, such as SnagIt or Captivate, to do this.

Mark Siegrist

Here is a Peek recording of me trying to record a Replay capture : )


As you can see, the recording area size values do not scale/change while dragging the handles - they only get updated once I let go of the handles.

I'm using Replay 360 and I always keep the 360 apps up to date. It's currently v 2.17.xxxxxx.xxxx etc.

Julie Dupuis

Mark, any progress on your test to get 1080p? I had a Replay 1 recording done by someone where we did the resizing manually with the dotted outline then after publishing, I noticed that the 1080p was not an option in the gear settings when watching the MP4 in Windows Media Player.

So, I upgraded the video to Replay 360 and 1080p is not an option. Only when I create a new project straight from Replay 360 do I see 1080p as an option for the user to adjust.