Adding and Mixing Images into Replay Tracks

Jul 25, 2018

I have scoured the tutorials and looked at previous question threads but I still cannot manage to move or embed an image into the a section of my tracks other than the end. While the tutorials say an image should easily slide up and down or left and right, etc., I cannot do it. No matter where I click on my timeline, the image gets added to the end of track A. When I try to slide the image to another place in the timeline, the dashed vertical line pops up immediately when I hit the end of track A (moving from right - where the image gets planted - to left, towards the end of my track). I cannot move the image up or down either. This is driving me nuts!

Please help!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kyle.  Looks like you saw this tutorial for working with images in Replay.

You can drag images from Track A to Track B, and you can also reorder the different pieces of media on each track. Tell me just a little more about your setup:

  • Do you have multiple media elements on a single track?
  • Do you need to put the image in between two videos, for example?  Or do you need a single video to pause while you insert an image?  If it's the latter, you will have to split your video so that it becomes two elements on the track.  Here's a Peek of what I did.

If you can even take a Peek of what you're seeing and share it here, that would be super helpful! 

Jennifer Gray

I am having the same problem. I inserted an image, which frustratingly goes to the end of the time line instead of where the play head is (that really needs to be fixed). Anyway, I can move the image between Track A and B at the end of the time line, but it will not move to the left--the place I want it in my presentation. If I move the image to the right, the time line gets longer. I just want to move the image to the place where I talk about it in the time line, just like all your tutorials say I can. I'm not trying to place an image between 2 videos, and I don't have multiple media elements on a single track (answering Crystal's questions above). I've tried restarting the program, but I still can't get the image to move. Please help.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for that video Jennifer, that's certainly helpful to understand what you are experiencing.

We would expect new elements to go to the end of the track that you are currently using. 

When you mention that you cannot move the item left, which makes sense because you cannot overlap two media items on a track as Crystal mentioned above.

If you need this item to be earlier in the timeline, you should split the video as Crystal shared above so that you can then insert your image where it is needed.

Hope that helps you out :)

Angela Nemanic

I'm creating a project to show our employees how to log into our LMS and how to access their transcript. On track A I inserted a previously recorded log-in intro (picture and video) that is placed before the transcript video clip (recorded in replay).  On track B I inserted audio to correspond to the transcript instruction video. That audio is edited to fit the visuals so it works great. However, I decided I wanted to re-record the audio for the login intro, so I silenced current audio for my first clip, then re-record it. After I recorded it, the audio was placed on track A. I moved it to track B and tried to slide it to the left, but it won't move. I did the different things you suggested in the video above but none of it worked. I put so much space in front of the first audio clip but I still can't move that last audio clip.

In my first attachment, the audio recording that is at the end of track B needs to move to the beginning of track B.  In the second image, you can see that the audio recording clip is stuck.

Thank you for your help.

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