Adding Audio and Animations in Replay

Hi all,

I asked this question under Peek but I think it is more appropriate as a Replay question so I am reposting it.

I am trying to create a slide show in Studio 360 and then videotape it to post on various websites and elsewhere.
So I am using Peek to record the screen and then Replay to import in the audio. But here are the two things (so far) that I don't understand:

* When I record the PPT/Studio presentation in Peek (without the audio that will be added later in Replay), how do I match the length of each slide in Peek to how long the audio will actually be? Is there a way in Replay to cut the length of the slide or increase it once the audio is dropped in?

* Similarly, in a regular presentation, I add the animations and then sync them to the audio/narration once the latter is recorded. How and when is this done in Replay? Thus far I have tried adding the animations in the Studio file but then don't see how to sync them in Peek or Replay.

Thanks for your help,

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nina,

If you've created your video in Peek it will be one video file, not something that is split up among various slides. When you add the video file into Replay and are looking at adding in the audio, you'll need to do the syncing manually so I'd look at recording the audio as you're watching the video. 

Replay doesn't have an option to add in animations, so if you needed to add those things you'll need to include them in your Presenter course. Once you have items to sync in Presenter, follow the steps here.