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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Alan,

Welcome to the community, and I see you're part of an Articulate 360 teams subscription! Articulate 360 has loads of tools and resources to help you create a gorgeous, responsive course that will "wow!" your audience. And I agree -- I think we'd all be better off if Bean Man could disappear forever.

What do we have instead? The Content Library has got 100,000 photographic and illustrated characters with different poses and expressions, plus you have access to over 3 million stock photos, videos, and vector graphics—all royalty-free assets available to you right from within Storyline 360.

Are you interested in adding things like text and characters to a screen recording? Storyline's got you covered! You can either import a pre-recorded video, or record one right from within Storyline. Then, you can add objects on top of the video and sync them using the Storyline timeline. 

I'd love to help you get started on your journey. If there's something you're looking for that you can't find within Articulate 360, let us know! We'll help you make it happen, and if a feature isn't available just yet, we're always happy to hear new ideas from folks in the community like you.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kassie and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you would like to create. 

Articulate Replay is a great tool to combine your screencasts with your webcam along with any other needed video clips, audio clips, or images.

Once that easy step is complete, you can then publish your project and include this in your e-learning course.

Once you add this mp4 to Storyline, you can add any of the additional items you mentioned above.

So, to answer your question, there are not any features like what you are asking coming that I am aware of since we want to keep the simplicity of Replay and any additional tools are at your fingertips as well.

Alan Gyorffy

Try using Captivate. It is not as restricting

Thank you,

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Matthew Evins

I'm really disappointed that these features are not available in Replay. Our hope was that by paying for Articulate 360, we can cancel our Camtasia licenses and streamline our software down to 1 suite. For what we pay for Articulate, this should at least be made available as "advanced" tools for those that want to use them. Having to record in Replay and import it into Storyline just to add call-outs on a simple screen capture is overkill.

Matthew Evins

The problem with this approach is that when I pause a screen recording in Storyline to add a new shape/call-out, the poster frame is what appears. So I can't really adjust the positioning of the call-out item. I have attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing. The video is paused because I was adjusting a call-out box, and the poster frame is what appears, as well as the other layers.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for those extra details about what you're seeing in Storyline.

When you pause a screen recording to add a new shape or callout, you should see the current frame. However, there's a problem in Storyline that is causing the poster frame to display when the video is paused.

Once we get this issue fixed, we'll come back to this discussion to let you know. So sorry for the headaches!

Laine Ahrens

Just adding in my vote for these features as well. I'm recording a demonstration of software, but I want to pause occasionally and zero in on some of the common hang-ups. I'd love to be able to do a zoom on a paused video (in either Replay or Storyline), or at least pause it and add a red rectangle to draw the eye. What I'm doing instead is taking a screen shot, adding a focus using Snag It, inserting this as an image in Storyline 360, adding a zoom on top of the focused image, previewing this in storyline, recording the preview using Replay, and then inserting video within my main demonstration. 

I realize I could also chop my video into sections add my zoom in Storyline, but then there's a lag between each screen loading, so it doesn't play back like one continuous video. Sometimes the cutoff would be right in the middle of a sentence, so the load time between slides would be glaringly obvious. 

I appreciate the simplicity of Replay, but a few extra features to enhance a video seem like they would solve many people's problems without overly complicating the system.