Any control over "B" inset?

Jan 17, 2014

I'm loving the ability to record training sessions showing my screen and me talking about what I'm doing.

Do I have any control over where or how large the "B" inset is on my screen recording?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alison,

You're referring to the size of the "B" track when it's displaying in the lower right-hand corner correct? 

You can control which corner will be used to display the "B" inset, but not the size. It's scaled down, by design, because at this point the "A" track is the main focus. 

To position "B", choose the corner you'd like to use by clicking on the "Mix" so that it's selected. Once you've selected it, you should see an option for PIP Quandrant. From here, you can select one of four corners to position the track.

It should look something like this:

Christine Hendrickson


Excellent. Glad that helped :) 


Thanks for sending in those requests!

- I do agree that additional positioning and sizing options would be fantastic for this. I'm not sure what the plans are for future versions, but from all the feedback we've been seeing, I think we'll see some nice enhancements later on.

Hope you both have a great day :)

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