Articulate Replay Question: Track A PowerPoint has typo...

I did a screencast where I'm doing a switch between the A and B.  Very satisfied with track B video/audio of myself... BUT caught a typo on the PPT on track A. 

Is there any way for me to save track B video (and audio) and import it to a new version where I align that footage to a new track A where the corrected PPT is? 

Or is it best/simplest to just re-do the whole thing?

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Ann Potts

Hi Ashley.  I feel like I'm missing something as I read a variety of tutorials so let me tell you what I now have:

- I created a video that is the new PPT slides only (It's a track A only / screen recording with no audio) 

- I inserted that MP4 video and as it indicates in the "adding video files" tutorial, it imports to the end of the original track A (see attachment ppt with photo of my screen)

-I thought from reading the "rearranging objects" tutorial that I would then be able to drag this video to the front of the existing track A

- However, when I go to drag it, I can only move it a little bit closer to the end of the current video... it's not letting me drag it forward on track A to precede the current file (when I've tried this I've had the red line all the way to the left, even though I didn't screen capture it that way in the attachment)

Not sure what I'm doing wrong... goal again is to keep the existing track B and replace the current track A in order to get rid of misspelled slide

Ann Potts

When I try to delete the original track A, it also deletes track B with the video and audio.  I am unsure how to unlock these two from each other and haven't found that info in a tutorial yet.

Again, trying to use the updated track which shows on track A after the existing one.

I tried uploading the file but it bombed out on me so here is a link to it where you can download the replay file.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ann,

When you recorded the video/audio and the screen elements - did you do it all at once in the same recording with toggling between screens? If so, those elements are locked together - you see the little lock icon - and that is so that you can by accident place them out of sync. There isn't any way to unlock them - so based on taking a look at your file, you'll likely need to conduct the recording and audio/video elements as a separate thing and then import them both into one replay file.