Articulate Replay - splitting a video

We have a very large video to include in a course but it is too large (275 mg) and needs to be broken into a number of shorter videos.

Can this be done in Replay. Can the clip be split into segments and each segment saved as a separate file? Or take a copy of the original, delete the portions not needed for the first 'piece' and save it? Would you recommend as the best option for making a number of smaller, separate clips.

Does deleting in Replay actually delete the selected pieces of a video or just hide them (which wouldn't affect the file size).



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Crystal Horn

Hi Cindy! You could use Replay for this task. When you delete segments of the video and publish the project to .mp4, you should see a much smaller file size for each segment.

To make the process efficient, you could move the playhead to each point you'd like a split to occur. Once you have all of your segments, you could cut all but one, Save As, undo, and then cut all but another, Save As a different name, and repeat.

That way you can keep track of the splits and segments. Just don't forget to publish each new Replay file for your corresponding .mp4s!

Grace Durnford

I also need to edit a single video file into multiple individual clips but am really struggling to get it to work. I split the video up into the sections I want. Select each section one at a time 'delete selected items' till I have just one segment left and publish to MP4, but instead of ending up with just the clip I want, I get a file that is the same length as the original with silence and a black screen filling the space before/after the clip. What am I missing?

Ren Gomez

Hi Grace,

Thanks for following up! If your file looks similar to the image below, it means that once you've deleted the clips you no longer need, you'll have to drag the remaining item to the beginning of the timeline to shorten the length of the clip.

If you'd like further guidance that's file-specific, feel free to share your .replay file in a case with our support team. They'll be able to take a look and provide tailored help!

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