Articulate Replay - splitting a video

We have a very large video to include in a course but it is too large (275 mg) and needs to be broken into a number of shorter videos.

Can this be done in Replay. Can the clip be split into segments and each segment saved as a separate file? Or take a copy of the original, delete the portions not needed for the first 'piece' and save it? Would you recommend as the best option for making a number of smaller, separate clips.

Does deleting in Replay actually delete the selected pieces of a video or just hide them (which wouldn't affect the file size).



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Crystal Horn

Hi Cindy! You could use Replay for this task. When you delete segments of the video and publish the project to .mp4, you should see a much smaller file size for each segment.

To make the process efficient, you could move the playhead to each point you'd like a split to occur. Once you have all of your segments, you could cut all but one, Save As, undo, and then cut all but another, Save As a different name, and repeat.

That way you can keep track of the splits and segments. Just don't forget to publish each new Replay file for your corresponding .mp4s!