Articulate Replay - What Should I Use It For?

~ Dear Helpful Heroes Community ~

I  have Articulate Replay and I would love to create something for my portfolio with it. But...I've never used it before and so I would like some tips from Heroes about what type of content is best suited to be created using Replay. 

Advice, tips, or guidance is truly appreciated. 

~~ DD.

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Nicole Legault

Hello Danika!

Great topic, thanks for bringing it up! Can't wait to see what others in the community who have used Replay have to say about this. 

One option for your portfolio might be to record an introductory or welcome video of yourself and post it to your portfolio or welcome page on your website.

Another option you might consider is creating a guided visual tour of your website or portfolio. 

Jeff Kortenbosch

What a great question! I love Replay and use it all the time. I use it for all my screencasts, I use it for quick support videos that I upload to our internal video platform, I use it to pre-record webinars that I make available online. So from 3 minute videos to an hour. No Problem.

It's just so easy to use I've not considered anything else yet. 

Bruce Graham

I use it on occasions when I record a screen, however, be aware that (for example), if you are creating any content that needs to be translated that you cannot use the Lower Thirds feature for any special/non-Western characters.

I think Jeff's comment of "It's just so easy" is correct, however, that ease of use does bring with it some basic limitations. I am hoping the product will be enhanced and developed further, however, I usually have now to resort to Camtasia for my corporate projects until it is.

Just check that you can do what you need before committing.