No Audio and crashing even when doing a repair. (Update 2) Replay still a supported product?

Used Replay in early 2014 using a trial version and thought it had some real potential.

Convinced my manager to go and have us buy a copy out right at the end of October last year but due to other project I'm just now trying to use it.

I did install update 2 for the Flash 16 issue. I also just checked that my video hardware accelerators are all enabled.

Based on the volume of problems people are having, and the very limited updates that have come forth in over a year, one has to ask if Articulate really wants to support this product?

So now I've recorded a screen capture video using another tool and have a nice mp4 file which I want to place other video "book ends" around it.

I inserted the mp4 into the "A" panel and hit play. Sounds and looks OK. I move the sweeper to the right  - hit play. OK. Move the sweeper back to the left and - NO AUDIO. Tried this a few more times and the more to the right the sweeper goes, the less audio one hears. And the published file (I had to go back to update 1 since publishing in update 2 always crashed) only has audio AFTER the section where I moved the sweeper.

You had a 30 day money back no question but I'm past that since I have not had time to use the software, but as it stands, I can not use this software.

Unless there is a simple solution I will be contacting Ann Babcock to see how we get our money back.

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Jeff Schlaybach

Hi Leslie - sorry for my posts always being so negative it seems. I want in the strongest way to see your products succeed, but they leave so much to be desired at times.

Replay is a case in point. Provides some very nice features yet does not really go far enough to be a comprehensive screen-casting tool (IMHO). I know you are hearing this from others as well. And Update 2 is all but useless on my windows 7 machine as it is completely unstable.

I uninstalled Update 2 and can now at least insert video and publish without crashing.  Here's the build I had to fall back to: Update 1 1311.2718 Perhaps update 3 will be coming out with additional features and will be more stable!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff! Well, I'm glad to hear that you are at a working point. The vision for Replay was to be quick and easy and the lack of comprehensive options was purposefully, but I do know that many others users feel as you do and have requested additional capabilities and features. Thanks for your feedback and hopefully more positive thoughts in the future :)