Audio gets muted on second pass in Replay

I just started working a bit with Replay, hoping to use it as a video editor for short clips I can include in my Storyline project.

I'm using MP4 video files created by screen capture using SnagIt 11.

When I insert a video file in my Replay project, it plays and sounds normal on the first run through.  If I play it again, the audio just ain't heard.  The sound track is still visible over the video frames on the timeline. Indeed, if I then save the project, then reopen it, video and audio again play normally for the first run through.

If I publish after the first run through ... no audio.  If I publish after opening the previously saved project, without playing it first, audio is good in the published file. 

What gives?  Has anyone had this problem before?  I've tried all the audio settings for the clip, yielding no difference.  And I looked for some secret settings panel, to see if something is set to "play audio once only", but can't find one. 

I saw the post from someone having their microphone set as system speakers, but I have no idea how that could happen, or even to look to find out.

Your thoughts? 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Frank,

I can't say I've seen that behavior before and I'm curious to know if it's only occurring with the MP4 videos you insert vs. what you may record with Replay for the screen capture and the audio? 

I'd suggest looking into the troubleshooting steps below if Replay is not behaving as expected:

If you're still having difficulty, are you able to share your Replay file with us? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Frank,

There is some discussion here on how to record sound from within your computer and I haven't tried those specific steps, but I can often record another video I'm playing on my computer using  Replay - but it's likely more so that my built in mic is picking up the sound from the speaker. 

Were you able to look into the repair steps?