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Ken Wey

Hi Giovanna,  I have attached a test file.  As you can hear it sounds like I'm driving a sports car..  I looked at the Thread you provided but I didn't see any adjustments I could make.  Not even sure which Webcam I have..  It says Microsoft and HD on the front.  When I use it to record Audio separately; first record has audio and webcam off, then go back and record just audio, there is no hiss and it sounds good.  Only when I attempt to do a live webcam, video and audio does the loud background noise appear.

Giovanna Allegretti

I can hear the noise! It sounds just like a fan.  How strange. 

Since you don't get the noise when your webcam is off, that makes me think you're recording with a different mic when the web cam is on. Is that possible? Maybe you have one microphone built in to your computer and another external one?