Background in your screencasts?

Apr 07, 2016

In Mike Enders' screencast videos, he has a nice gray background. Is this an actual wall or board or is it a virtual background? I'm going to do a lot of my recordings at home and would love an easy option for a background that's not my kitchen!



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Mike Enders

Hi Tracy,

I have two setups that I use. One portable, one more permanent.

1. On the portable end, I have a 5'x7' collapsible background by Botero. This works really great as you can take it just about anywhere (including your kitchen!). It cost roughly $65. I use #023.

2. On the more permanent side, I have several rolls of 107" Savage paper that I use as backgrounds. David Anderson recommended these and they work really great (we're both fans of the Thunder Gray color).  I use these in my basement where my ceiling is exposed. I purchased some inexpensive metal conduit from the local hardware store and used that to suspend the Savage paper with J hooks.

The savage paper is around $50 a roll.

Either of these solutions combined with an inexpensive softbox kit makes for a great starter recording area in your home.

I hope this helps!