Bulding a tuto about Audacity with REPLAY,

Hi, I am in trouble, as I am bulding a little tuto  about Audacity  with REPLAY,  I do not get the right sound quality in my recording with REPLAY. When I play my vidéo, the sound semms to comme from far away !

My question is ; With REPLAY, when I do screencast a média or an event with sound on my screen, is it possible to get the same quality of sound in the recordind in the end ?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marc!

Articulate Replay compresses the published output to achieve the best balance between file size and video quality. Currently, there isn't an option to turn off compression, but that would make a great feature. You are welcome to share your thoughts with our product development team here.  

You can add in audio from other sources if you wish. Here's how to add sound clips to Articulate Replay projects.